Want to get the most out of SnapClean.me and your whiteboard photos? Here are a few tips that will help your snapshots turn out great.

Add doodle@snapclean.me as a contact in your Phone

If you have a camera phone, sending the email will be easier if Le Grand Doodler is a contact that you can choose from your address book or the phone can complete the address after typing just a few characters.

Frame (Crop) Your Photo When You Take it

When taking the picture, try to frame just your drawing. Whether it is from a whiteboard or your next big idea on a napkin, try to capture just your drawing - try to leave out walls, thermostats, light switches, neighbor's pets and bowling pins (nobody wants a bowling pin in their diagram).

Be Perpendicular like Tree, not Skewed like Cat.

Yes, be perpendicular. Stand or hold your camera perpendicular to the surface you're photographing. This will reduce skew in the picture, and make it easier if you're going to stitch together several pictures.

Bite off Only What you Can Chew

If you're photographing a particularly epic whiteboard (yes, I'm looking at you), or use teensy-weensy writing and small shapes, take a few snapshots instead of just one. The resulting pictures will be better, and you can re-live some quality kinder-garden time communing with scissors and tape.

Beware Windows and Bright Lights for they bring The Glare™

Skew is your friend when Glare comes to visit. Choose your enemies wisely...

Got a Useful Tip to Share?

Drop me (Kyle) an email and I'll add it to this page.