How do I get help / contact you?

If you have any trouble, please email I'll do my best to help you out.

Do you store my photos?

Not yet, though on-line storage is on the plan (likely for a fee). They are stored for a short time (at most a few days) in the Google Apps account's Sent folder until I delete them (which I do every few days).

Do you share my email address?

No, see also our Privacy Policy.

It does funny stuff to my other pictures (not drawings).

Yes, yes it does. :)

Aww, come on...can't you tell me how it works?

The secret formula? The core intellectual property? Sure. I first read about the technique at the C2 Wiki CleaningUpWhiteBoardPictures page. Then I wrote a Gimp Script-Fu script to automate it (clean-whiteboard-photo.scm). All of that was still too many steps for lazy old me so I hooked it up as an email endpoint.

Uh, look, I've got this drawing see, and er, I can't let anyone else see it...see?

Company secrets? I understand. If you need to do clean up a white board pic and have to do it on your desktop, you do have a few alternatives:

Gimp Script-Fu: clean-whiteboard-photo.scm

Do it by hand: How to Copy a Whiteboard With Your Digital Camera or Camera Phone

Do it by hand: C2 Wiki Instructions

Use a commercial Prouct: Whiteboard Photo

I have not used any of the commercial product(s), I'm not endorsing them, I just googled for them. If you have something you feel I should add to this list, please email me.

Who Runs this Crazy thing?

This is courtesy of Kyle Burton. See also Asymmetrical View (my blog, also has other contact info).