2012: Saturday October 20th

I integrated Dead Man's Snitch to monitor the back-end service about a week ago. This will let me know when the service is 'stuck' so it can be restarted. The process has gotten stuck twice since then and I've been notified and restarted it. It should be a bit more robust from here on out.

2010: Friday July 9th

Just added UserVoice Feedback link, it should be over there --> (on the right). I noticed that we had a few more mentions out there on the web:

2010: Wednesday July 7th

Offered up SnapClean.me as a solution to Software to Clean up Photos of Whiteboards and Documents on superuser.com.

2010: Tuesday July 6th

Seen on the web: SnapClean.me was reviewed on MakeUseOf.com! They also had a review of WhiteyBoard - instant peel and stick whiteboards, looks easy. We were also linked to from the lifehacks section of Idea*Idea (Japanese).

2010: Thursday July 1st

Many of you requested that if an email had mulitple pictures attached, they all be returned in a single email. This has been implemented and I released it tonight.

I tried to support the processing of image/tiff attchments, and in the course of doing so, I discovered that PNGs were not being handled correctly either. I will work on supporting image types other than jpg, but they are disabled for now.

2010: Wednesday June 30th

Fixed a bug in the mail handler. I had only tested the brightener from my iPhone, which sent image/jpeg attachments. Some users were sending image/jpg attachments - the brightener now suports image/jpeg, image/jpg and image/png attachments.

Updated nginx to ensure it and not Rails serves the static content (stylesheets, images, javascript, etc.). Made the site faster and use less resources.

2010: Tuesday June 29th

:( Looks like programmer error (me) caused a bug last night (28th) that prevented some emails from going out. I've released an update (I think it's a fix). If you sent a picture today (29th) and did not receive a reply, please try resending (and please email me to let me know I dropped the ball for you).

Added the Tips section, and signed us up for Twitter. You can now follow @snapclean for bug confessions, feature updates and other news about the service.

2010: Monday June 28th

Got lots of great feedback at Hacker News. Here's what I was able to do tonight:

Upped the maximum dimension to 1600 (anything larger will still be scaled down until I can determine the effect on resource utilization) and should not get scaled up.

Carry the original subject line through as part of the reply's subject line. "My Diagam" will become "Re: My Diagram", with the default being: "Fresh from SnapClean.me: your cleaned up picture."

Added assurances about not storing photos (until such time as I implement user accounts), and making no claims on your photos to the Privacy Policy

Updated the FAQ to include links to where I found the algorithm.

2010: Sunday June 27th