We will not share your email address with anyone. Your pictures are yours and we make no claims upon them.

Images sent to the automated email accounts (like doodle@snapclean.me) reside in a google app inbox until they are processed, at which time they are deleted. This deletion keeps them from going into the trash folder. We don't have access to your originals, which is safer for you, though it makes troubleshooting more difficult. The processed images are sent back to you through google apps as well. These land in the sent folder until I clear them out (which I do periodically by hand).

I am not a lawyer, I hope that my intentions are clear. I have made what I consider reasonable efforts to create a stable, useful service and to keep your information and pictures away from others. Please use your own discretion and best judgement when using this service. If you need that kind of clean up done on photos you can't risk sharing, please see the FAQ for alternatives.