This service grew out of 90% necessity and 50% inspiration. I was doing a lot of whiteboard drawings and would take a picture of the whiteboard before erasing it to make another. When I would print them for sharing or just to hang them up for future reference, they'd come out old and dingy looking.

I created a simple clean up script using Gimp and it worked well enough, but I was unhappy with how much effort it was to: take the picture, email it to myself, save the file, run gimp, filter the picture, re-save it and send it back. I realized emailing a picture from the phone was as easy as pie, so I hooked the cleaner up to an email address and's first photo cleaning service was born.

This site and the service run at - if you need to rent a server, and want to help us out (with our hosting fees), please consider using our referral code eec0e8da89d0b2cd07f6dcc6e4b883877560aca6 (or just click that Linode link).

The service is currently free. If you're interested in saying 'thanks'...I wouldn't say no to an Amazon gift card :)